420 Tattoos: Complete Guide Plus 11 Ideas

In the United States, 4/20 is a day when people celebrate marijuana.

It is often considered a “stoner holiday” and people often use the term “420” as a code for marijuana.

While tattoos are not always associated with weed culture, there are a number of tattoo designs that can be inspired by 420.

In this post, we’ll take a look at pothead tattoos and offer examples of some of the best 420 tattoos out there!

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, we’ve got you covered!

What Does 420 Mean?

For those who don’t know, 420 is a “code” for marijuana.

But no one really knows where this code originated…

Some say it started back in the 1970s with a group of high school students in San Rafael, California.

They would meet up after school at 4:20 pm to smoke weed together.

Apparently, the term 420 eventually spread beyond just that group of friends and became a code word that people all over the world use to talk about marijuana.

Many people around the world now celebrate “4/20 Day” on April 20th by getting together to smoke marijuana specifically at 4:20 PM.

These gatherings have grown into enormous events in some cities, with marijuana being openly sold at outdoor kiosks.

So, there you have it!

The next time someone asks you what 420 means, you can tell them all about its history.

For those who don’t know, 420 is a “code” for marijuana.

Should You Get A 420 Tattoo?

Thanks to the popularity of weed culture and the hype surrounding 420, it is unsurprising that some dedicated stoners choose to tattoo the 420 symbol, or other pot-related designs, on their bodies.

However, is it a good idea?

The truth is that cannabis culture has gone fairly mainstream in recent years.

In some countries, such as Canada, the substance is even legal!

That said, societal attitudes toward weed still have some evolving to do.

If you’re planning on working in a corporate environment, it’s probably best to avoid getting any tattoos that could be considered controversial — and unfortunately, that includes anything related to drugs.

Likewise, if you’re hoping to work with children or the elderly, a 420 tattoo could send the wrong message.

On the other hand, if you’re already employed and are thinking about getting inked, a 420 tattoo could show that you’re a fun-loving person who isn’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Just be prepared for some raised eyebrows from your boss!

In the end, whether or not you should get a 420 tattoo is entirely up to you.

Just make sure you think carefully about the implications before making any permanent decisions.

Thanks to the popularity of weed culture and the hype surrounding 420, it is unsurprising that some dedicated stoners choose to tattoo the 420 symbol, or other pot-related designs, on their bodies.

11 Ideas For 420 Tattoos

If you do decide to get a 420-inspired pothead tattoo, then more power to you!

Here are 11 ideas for marijuana tattoos!

420 Number Tattoo

While this tattoo might seem likely a sneaky inside weed reference for those in the know, the truth is that most people these days are well aware of the meaning behind 420.

That said, number tattoos can be really cool! So don’t let 420’s popularity put you off getting this tattoo.

Weed Leaf Tattoo

One of the classic designs!

A weed leaf tattoo is a simple and recognizable marijuana symbol.

Thanks to its pleasing symmetry, shape, and colour, the weed leaf actually looks great on the skin.

That said, while the leaf certainly makes a great design, it definitely lacks subtlety!

Weed Flower Tattoo

A weed flower tattoo is a little more sophisticated than it’s leaf counterpart.

This part of the marijuana plant is a flower — basically, it’s the part you actually smoke.

Just make sure your tattoo artist gets it right! Otherwise, it might come out as a green blob.

Joint Tattoo

Let’s be honest, a joint tattoo isn’t the classiest 420 tattoo you can get.

But who cares, right?

If you’re the kind of person considering getting a joint tattooed on your body, being “classy” probably isn’t one your top priorities.

THC Chemical Tattoo

This is sort of the opposite of a joint tattoo.

In fact, you might even call this a “classy” 420 tattoo.

It makes you look smart, and, unless you meet a scientist, most people won;t actually know what you’ve got inked on your body.

Sneaky, right?

Weed Plant Tattoo

A weed plant tattoo is definitely similar to a weed leaf tattoo.

However, this one shows that you are not only interested in smoking weed — you also have a bit of a green thumb.

If you own a few (legal) weed plants, then consider getting one inked onto your skin.

Alien Smoking Joint Tattoo

For some reason, this eccentric design has become a staple among tattooed stoners.

Why? Who knows!

It’s cool, funny, and will definitely make a great ice breaker at this year’s 4/20 Day.

Psychedelic Tattoo

Psychedelic art is a staple of drug culture.

That’s why some psychedelic ink would make the perfect stoner tattoo.

Consider something with bright colours and wavy lines!

Bob Marley Tattoo

Bob Marley is a symbol of reggae, rastafarianism, and marijuana.

These elements can be brought together into a great tattoo design for marijuana enthusiasts.

Just make sure you understand the significance of any symbolism used in your tattoos!

Weed Skull Tattoo

Unlike a Bob Marley tattoo, a weed skull tattoo has very little to offer — besides looking badass!

This one is prettystraight forward: weed + skull = cool.

Bong Tattoo

Another simple design.

As stoners will be well aware, a “bong” is a device used to get high faster and more efficiently.

If you are a massive fan of bong technology or if you simply own a bong, then perhaps you should consider tattooing one onto your skin.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a diehard pot smoker or just appreciate the occasional 420-themed celebration, getting inked with one of these 11 ideas for 420 tattoos is a great way to show your love for all things cannabis.

Just make sure you do your research and ensure you are ready for any of the potential downsides to having a drug-related tattoo — after all, this is a lifelong commitment!