7 Best Tattoo Parlours In Cardiff

Are you looking for the best tattoo shops in Cardiff Wales?

Look no further, because we have compiled a list of the top tattoo shops in Cardiff.

Whether you are looking for a new tattoo or just want to check out some of the local shops, we have you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing our list of the best tattoo shops in Cardiff Wales today!

Frontier Tattoo Parlour

© Frontier Tattoo Parlour

Frontier Tattoo Parlour is a stylish tattoo shop located on Marys Street.

This spot boasts seven skilled tattoo artists working in a range of styles — from traditional to more contemporary styles.

According to the shop’s website, Frontier Tattoo Parlour artists charge “£80 per hour or you can book a full day sitting which is capped at £500.”

While appointments are typically required, this Cardiff tattoo shop allows for walk-in customers on select days.

Satisfied customers have reported a clean environment with staff that are both professional and friendly.

Along with tattoos, Frontier Tattoo Parlour offers merchandise such as T-shirts that feature tattoo-inspired designs, presumably sketched by their very own in-house artists.

With such a strong reputation in the Cardiff area, Frontier Tattoo Parlour is worthy of strong consideration for your next tattoo.


2 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1AT, United Kingdom



Katdemon Ink

© Katdemon Ink

Katdemon Ink is located in Whitchurch Village “right next to Llandaff North in Cardiff.”

Owner Kat boasts an impressive resume, having worked at a number of tattoo shops around Wales

According to the studio’s website, Kat has also booked jobs in England, and as far away as Canada and the U.S.

Katdemon Ink features just a small number of artists, yet offers a diverse range of impressive work.

The shop also shares space with Cardiff Piercing — a piercing service with a very strong reputation.

This combination of services makes Katdemon Ink a one-stop shop for body modification of all kinds in Cardiff.

Consider booking an appointment at Katdemon Ink or Cardiff Piercing for your next tattoo or piercing.


51a Merthyr Rd, Cardiff CF14 1DB, United Kingdom



Two Hearts Tattoo Studio

© Two Hearts Tattoo Studio

Two Hearts Tattoo Studio is located on Whitechurch Road in Cardiff.

Their artists offer a wide range of styles and specialize in “traditional western tattoos, Japanese tattoos, black and grey as well as colour realism, portraits, fine line tattoos, script, blackwork tattoos, dot-work tattoos and watercolour tattoos.”

Like most studios these days, Two Hearts Tattoo Studio requires an appointment to be made prior to arriving.

However, this shop offers free face-to-face tattoo consultations with an appointment.

Reviews of this Cardiff tattoo parlour frequently emphasize both the staff friendliness, as well as the overall pleasant atmosphere of the shop.

Two Hearts Tattoo Studio’s range of styles and strong reputation make it worth checking out for your next tattoo.


76 Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff CF14 3LX, United Kingdom



Valkyrie Tattoo Studio

© Valkyrie Tattoo Studio

Valkyrie Tattoo Studio can be found on Cardiff’s Woodville Road.

Currently, this tattoo shop is home to three talented artists offering body art in their own unique styles.

From modern and detailed pieces to tattoos done in a more traditional and cartoony style, Valkyrie Tattoo Studio’s wide range should be capable of satisfying most of your tattoo needs.

The tattoo parlour is very professional — offering appointment-only tattoos in a sterile environment.

This shop’s rate is £90 per hour, with a minimum price of £90.

However, there are a number of factors that may impact price, including tattoo position and colour.

Make sure to consider this tattoo parlour for your next tattoo in Cardiff.


142 Woodville Rd, Cardiff CF24 4EE, United Kingdom



Wellfield Road Tattoo Company

© Wellfield Road Tattoo Company

Wellfield Road Tattoo Company is a Cardiff tattoo shop located on its namesake road: Wellfield.

This shop features around five artists working in a wide variety of styles.

Thanks to a large number of artists who call Wellfield Road Tattoo Company home, this tattoo parlour is able to offer many varieties of tattoos.

Featured styles include realism, cartoon, traditional, and floral — as well as some more experimental styles.

Reviews for Wellfield Road Tattoo Company frequently touch on the quality of staff and positive “vibes” found at this Cardiff tattoo shop.

Make sure to check out Wellfield Road Tattoo Company if you are a tattoo enthusiast in the Cardiff area.


16 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3PB, United Kingdom



Stronghold Tattoo

© Stronghold Tattoo

Stronghold Tattoo can be found in the centre of Cardiff, on Charles street above the CN Tea Lab.

This large tattoo shop is home to a large number of tattoo artists.

With so many artists, Stronghold Tattoo is more than capable of satisfying your tattoo needs — no matter how outlandish they may be.

From realism to gruesome cartoons, Stronghold Tattoo artists are qualified to make it happen.

Another special thing about this Cardiff tattoo parlour is it’s commitment to making “space available to provide same-day appointments.”

In a time when most tattoo shops have stopped taking walk-ins, same-day appointments provide a great service for those last-minute ink cravings.

This spot also features its own YouTube channel and RedBubble account offering T-shirts with the brand’s logo sketched in a range of styles.

Stronghold Tattoo is a serious contender for the best tattoo shop in Cardiff.

So, check it out if you are serious about tattoos!


46-48 Charles St, Cardiff CF10 2GE, United Kingdom



Raging Swan Studios

© Raging Swan Studios

Raging Swan Studios can be found on Cardiff’s Newport Road.

This smaller-scale business offers thoughtful work in a self-described “humble” tattoo shop.

Despite a small staff, Raging Swan Studios offers a range of styles with specialization in “graphic design, blackwork, lines and dots” as well as “black and grey, portraits, realism, script and large scale custom pieces.”

This Cardiff tattoo spot is also known for its friendly, clean atmosphere and overall professionalism.

As one reviewer summed it up: “Amazing artists, great people, awesome studio!”

Make sure to give this “humble” tattoo shop a shot if you are int the market for professional tattoo experience in Cardiff.


Lloyd of Rumney, 804b Newport Rd, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 4FH, United Kingdom