5 Best Tattoo Shops In Colorado Springs

When choosing the right tattoo shop for you, it’s important to take a good look around at what’s on offer and settle with somewhere that specializes in the style you want, as well as makes you feel calm and comfortable.

Colorado Springs is absolutely packed with some of the best tattoo shops around. So it’s not surprising that so many people get overwhelmed by the multitude of options presented to them.

There’s no need to panic though, as we’ve done all the legwork and put together a list of all the best tattoo shops in Colorado Springs!

Heebee Jeebees Tattoos

© Heebee Jeebees Tattoos

Established in 1993, Heebee Jeebees is one of the oldest and best tattoo shops in Colorado Springs.

Renowned for both their quality and value for money, Heebee Jeebees are skilled in all tattoo styles.

From the simplest line work to full back pieces and sleeves, this shop prides itself on working with the customer to transform their ideas into stunning works of body art.

This clean, spacious studio has some awesome retro vibes and a traditional aesthetic that’s every ink head’s dream.

The four resident artists there are hailed time and time again as some of the friendliest around with huge talent to match.

As one of Colorado Springs’ legacy tattoo shops, any Colorado native would be doing themselves a disservice by not at least checking out this local legend.

They’re located downtown on Colorado avenue at the heart of the city, making it a great place for those looking to make a day of it.


318 E. Colorado Avenue. Colorado Springs, CO 80903.



El Dorado Tattoo Parlour and Social Club

© El Dorado Tattoo Parlour and Social Club

What makes this tattoo shop one of the best in Colorado Springs is its atmosphere.

A mix of a tattoo parlour and social club, combining the relaxed feeling of hanging out with friends with a grungy traditional tattoo parlour look.

The perfect place to relax whilst adding new art to your collection, this experience will leave you feeling like a true ink-head.

Whilst occasionally crowded, the studio is impeccably clean and well kept.

The resident artists here provide the best care during and after the process, ensuring you have the best possible experience both mentally and physically.

These tattooists have studied art extensively and don’t focus on one particular style, but instead base their style on the preferences of the customer.

Located in the surrounding Old Colorado City area, its central location makes it an easy stop-off for anyone who wants ink on the go or values convenience.

El Dorado Tattoo is the perfect place to see your tattoo dreams be moulded into reality, welcoming newcomers and old-heads alike.


2619 W. Colorado Avenue. Colorado Springs, CO 80904.



Fallen Heroes Tattoo

© Fallen Heroes Tattoo4

Boasting a humongous 1,750 google reviews that add up to a pristine rating of 4.9 out of 5, the people of Colorado Springs have let it be known that Fallen Heroes is one of the best tattoo shops in the area.

Without listing every review, the general consensus is that Fallen Heroes provide the best quality for the lowest price.

The shop prides itself on its three main pillars, imagination, artistry, and experience.

Aiming to shake up the industry, this new-school tattoo studio hosts a whole heap of different artists that cover just about every style imaginable.

Fallen Heroes Tattoos sits in the bustling center of Colorado Avenues and welcomes those from every walk of life to come and visit.

This isn’t your dusty old “bikers only” shop, this is a tattoo studio that’s well in the 21st century.


524 W. Colorado Avenue. Colorado Springs, CO 80905.



West Side Tattoo

© West Side Tattoo

With a grand 15+ years in business, this local institution has been run by brothers Aaron and Brian since 2005.

It’s become known as an icon for friendly customer service, quality of art, and leadership in the cleanliness of its studio.

Upon being greeted by the expansive graffiti art mural as you arrive, you’ll realize that you’ve come to the right place.

West Side Tattoos produce some of the best custom tattoos in Colorado Springs, putting customs ahead of flash to really focus on bringing your brainchild to life.

They truly put their heart into every piece regardless of size.

The studio also stocks its own range of stylist tattoo-inspired clothing and a range of prints from legendary local artists and their own residents.

This is the perfect place for first-timers to come for a custom tattoo, with West Side’s resident artists being there at every step of the way to guide you through the process and keep your mind at ease.

You can find West Side Tattoo at the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, the perfect place for this lively and characterful shop.


2031 W. Colorado Avenue. Colorado Springs, CO 80904.



Art in Motion Tattoos

© Art in Motion Tattoos

Art in Motion Tattoos is a state-of-the-art tattoo shop in Colorado Springs that hosts multiple award-winning tattoo artists as its residents.

The shop contains multiple individual tattoo rooms to provide a private, more intimate experience for its customers that works wonders for those with a nervous disposition.

All equipment and rooms here are kept clean to sterile to the highest possible standard, leaving you relaxed and ensuring that it will be a safe and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

The resident artists here specialize in custom freehand designs but have the talent to produce anything as wild or as mild as you’d like.

It’s not just all talk either, Art in Motion’s impeccable reviews and repeat customers speak for themselves.

Located in the Fillmore Business Park just a short journey from downtown Colorado Springs, Art in Motion provides a relaxed, personal experience that would suit any nervous first-timers perfectly.


927 E. Fillmore. Colorado Springs, CO 80907.