7 Best Tattoo Shops In Grand Rapids

If you’re looking for a great tattoo experience, then Grand Rapids is the place to be.

There are plenty of great tattoo shops in the area, each with their own unique style and vibe.

Here are seven of the best tattoo shops in Grand Rapids, based on my personal experience.

Honest to Goodness Tattoo & Piercing

© Honest to Goodness Tattoo & Piercing

If you live around the Southwest end of Grand Rapids, you must have heard one or two people talking about Honest to Goodness.

It might not have been around for as long as some other tattoo shops in Grand Rapids but it has existed for 10 years as one of the best tattoo shops — hosting artists that’ll give other old schools a run for their money.

One exciting thing about Goodness Tattoo is that there’s always a unique artist ready to satisfy your appetite for colour, style, and design.

Whether you crave a tribal, horror, or traditional design, having driven to 333 Grandville Avenue, you’ll leave more than impressed.

Kaelyn, for example, is an expert in realistic tattoos of black and grey, Mark does bold and colourful art in astonishing ways, and Stephanie has been doing some great jobs with geometric pieces.

A little thing you should know too: Don’t come on a Tuesday or you’ll be greeted with a “closed” sign board.


333 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW #300



Anarchy Ink Tattoos

© Anarchy Ink

The name alone makes you think it’s some parlour from King Arthur’s days with artists who don’t care much about reception or nicety, but we think that impression is diametrically the opposite.

If you visit, you’ll agree too.

Anarchy Ink is one of Grand Rapids, MI’s best and most popular custom tattoo shops.

Located at 6568 Division Avenue South, this Michigan tattoo shop does vegan-friendly inking.

It is actually one of the only professional studios offering vegan ink in Grand Rapids.

Walking into the studio, you’re first blown away by the hospital-level sterilization it’s equipped with and by the fact that they employ Autoclaves and ultrasonics with OSHA standards.

Besides a worthy mention on a best “tattoo shops” list, we feel handing another shop in Grand Rapids the honour of the most hygiene-friendly studio is an irreconcilable injustice.

They specialize in Japanese, Grey colours, Memorial, Mandala, and other diverse forms of tattooing. To experience this ultra-blissful experience, schedule with them or walk in any day between Tuesday and Saturday, and don’t bother coming on the other two days.


6568 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids



Mos Eisley Tattoo Studio

© Mos Eisley Tattoo Studio

Packed with some of the best talents in Grand Rapids, this fully licensed parlour boasts an impeccable 20 years of tattooing experience.

The deal is that if you love artists who can go out of the norm to ink an uncommon range of tattoo designs and styles, you should find your way to 71 Division Avenue South in Grand Rapids.

The Mos Eisley tattoo studio can customize anything from Tribal, American, Japanese, and Portraits to nature and skulls.

You’re also lucky — they’re open all week, from Sundays to Mondays.

Just don’t come earlier than 12 pm.


71 Division Ave S



The Original Pain

© The Original Pain

Even though we don’t know what inspired the name “The Original Pain,” we can still recommend this Grand Rapids tattoo show.

Many customer reviews have noted that they are a class act.

They are also popular for their attention to detail, fine lines, and beating the expectation of a custom design.

All you must do is book an appointment or walk in, no earlier than 12 pm, at their 1219 Plainfield Avenue NE of Grand Rapids address.

Their expertise also transcends the conventional taste for available styles.

They love to try other things too.

So, do you feel this erratic tinge to trying something unexpected? Go there!


1219 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids



Omega Ink Tattoos

© Omega Ink Tattoos

If you’re looking to get a fine line tattooing done on you, this is the best place to go in Grand Rapids.

Omega Ink does not only have a reputation for making their clients feel relaxed and less panicky, but their reception will make you come back — maybe even for piercing, as they also specialize in that.

They aim to provide clients with the best service they can find in town, which is reflected in the quality of their art.

Omega Ink is also home to some astoundingly flexible tattoo artists who can replicate any design you want or customize any idea in your head.

They have some of the best works in lettering, and their cartoons aren’t bad either.


812 Butterworth Street, SW suite



Mystery Ink Tattoos and Piercings

© Mystery Ink Tattoos and Piercings

Mystery Ink Tattoos is another tattoo shop located in the Northwest area of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Apart from a strong reputation built on years of experience, they have a great customer service culture.

They also have friendly and highly skilled staff, so if it’s your first time and you’re unsure, bank on the fact that so many other people have felt the same way and left the shop satisfied.

Find them at 524 Leonard Street in Grand Rapids!


526 Main St, Indian Orchard



Last Rogue Tattoo

© Last Rogue

Last Rogue tattoo triples as an artist shop, a tattooing shop, and a piercing center.

Located at 525 Leonard Street, the excellence of their delivery in these various services has kept other tattoo shops on the top for some years now.

Once the shop opens by 12 pm, it’s not uncommon to find people leaving and entering for different kinds of beauty enhancement.

As far as art is concerned, this is one of the best tattoo shops anyone can find in the Northwest of Grand Rapids.

Colorwork, shading, natural, memorial, and new school are some specialties they don’t lack.

You have a dual option of scheduling with an artist or simply walking in.

Don’t sleep on this top-notch tattoo parlour!


526 Leonard St NW Unit #1