5 Best Tattoo Shops in Reno

So, you’re interested in getting a tattoo?

Whether it’s your first bit of ink or just another piece of art for your collection, it’s important to do your research before taking the plunge.

Tattoos are extremely personal and like all the best things in life, they don’t come cheap.

So it’s vital to find the right artist that matches your expectations and style.

But luckily for you, we’ve done all of the legwork and compiled a list of the 5 BEST tattoo shops in Reno.

Reno Tattoo Company

© Reno Tattoo Company

With four artists at their disposal, the Reno tattoo company is a great choice for any first-timers looking for tattoo shops in the city.

Their specialties range from portraiture, colourful full sleeve designs, and quirky new school artwork.

The tattoo shop holds great reviews as customers’ time after time acknowledge the care, passion, and expertise of Reno Tattoo Company’s various resident artists. 

They don’t list set prices here but instead tailor the cost to the exact details of the tattoo you want.

Located in the heart of Midtown Reno on South Virginia Street, their friendly and extremely knowledgeable tattoo artists make this shop a must-try for any local ink heads.


818 S. Virginia St.  Reno NV, 89502



Evolution Tattoo

© Evolution Tattoo

Established in 2006, Evolution Tattoo has been racking up top-notch reviews ever since.

As one of Reno’s most loved tattoo shops, Evolution boasts a colossal 346 reviews through google, adding up to an almost five-star rating time and time again.

Again, the seven different tattoo artists here work with bucket loads of passion and care, and the art coming out of this shop is of the highest quality.

With such a range of skilled resident artists, Evolution covers about every style of tattoo you could want to get your hands on.

However, specific praise should be given to their bold and vibrant classical Americana tattoos, with their masterful line work and punchy use of color.

The Evolution Tattoo shop is modern and clean, located in vibrant central Reno with easy access via all modes of transport.

If you have an eye for classic Americana or a custom design on your own, be sure to check out this locally treasured tattoo shop.


1092 S. Virginia St.  Reno, NV 89502



Body Graphics Tattoo

© Body Graphics Tattoo

As one of Reno’s oldest tattoo shops, Body Graphics Tattoo has well and truly become part of local legend. Established in 1976, this legendary shop has been passed from father to son for three generations, founded by Canadian artist, Pat “Picture Machine” Martynuik.

The tattoo shop’s three resident artists stay true to the store’s roots, focusing mostly on traditional style tattoos with a modern influence that makes them stand out from the crowd.

The shop also does walk-ins for their extensive range of flash and accommodates custom designs with the guidance of their expert artists.

Located a short distance from the heart of Reno, Body Graphics is one of the tattoo shops that was recommended to us wherever we looked.

As a real piece of local history, ink from this shop is a necessary part of any Reno local’s collection.


1155 W. 4th St. Suite #109.  Reno, NV 89503



Battle Born Tattoo

© Battle Born Tattoo

The Battle Born tattoo shop specializes in unique custom tattoos designed around each customer’s style and budget.

Promising clean, one-of-a-kind ink, this shop holds itself to the highest possible standards and has been consistently ranked as one of Reno’s top 3 tattoo shops by ThreeBestRated.com.

Their portfolio speaks for itself, showing time after time their resident artists’ quality and skill. Battle Born Tattoo offers heaps of intricate line work, colouring, and a broad range of crystal clear styles that would impress even the pickiest of tattoo enthusiasts. Their art covers geometric mandalas, hyper-realistic portraiture, and even permanent make-up and eyebrow solutions.

Just like the majority of other tattoo shops in Reno, Battle Born Tattoo is found in the heart of the city and conveniently located where Holcomb and Sinclair intersect with Thomas St. If you’re looking for high-quality custom artwork, this is the place to go.


675 Holcomb Ave.  Reno, NV 89502



Absolute Tattoo

© Absolute Tattoo

As one of the cheaper tattoo shops in Reno, Absolute Tattoo stands out as one of the best tattoo shops for the uninitiated to secure their first bit of ink.

Absolute’s extremely friendly staff are sure to put you at ease throughout the entire process and are more than willing to work with you on your own designs or simply help to alter some flash.

Absolute Tattoo specializes in a whole range of art thanks to its four resident artists, but its traditional Japanese style is what puts it on the map. Featuring heavy, bold lines, blocking in chunks of vibrant colour that mix shades as they fill up the space. Be sure to check out the adept fine line work on their Instagram page as well.

Situated just a few blocks away from Stewart Park and the heart of central Reno, this tiny tattoo shop is a welcome break from slightly more “hard core” and “edgier” shops you might find.

We all know getting a tattoo can be intimidating sometimes, but Absolute’s homely vibe and customer-focused values mean you’ll be put at ease in no time at all.


707 S. Wells Ave.  Reno, NV 89502