12 Tattoo Ideas For Electricians

Are you an electrician with a few tattoos and looking for some new ideas?

Or maybe you’re just thinking about getting your first tattoo and want to know what’s popular among electricians.

Either way, you’ll want to check out this list of the best tattoos for electricians!

Tattoo Ideas For Electricians

When it comes to choosing a tattoo, electricians have a lot of options.

For example, they could opt for a traditional symbol like a lightning bolt or an electrical circuit.

Or, they could go for something more personal, such as a tribute to the specific electrician’s organization or company they belong to.

They could even get creative and design their own tattoo — incorporating a number of electrical elements such as lightbulbs and wires.

Whichever route they choose, tattoos are a great way for electricians to honour their trade.

Lightbulb & Fist Electricity Tattoo

This stylish and powerful design features multiple elements, including blue lightning bolts clenched by a fist, a lightbulb, and text that is presumably meaningful to the electrician sporting this ink.

Menacing Sparky Tattoo

Most electricians will be familiar with this little guy. Sparky is cartoon character often associated with electricity and the electrician’s trade.

In this design, Sparky is holding a knife — further emphasizing the dangers of electricity, as well as the need to be careful around it.

Fluke T5-1000 Tattoo

This tattoo features the popular Fluke T5-1000 — a tool used by many electricians.

In this depiction of the famous tool, the Fluke T5-1000 has been given some personality in the form of a cartoonish smile and little hands.

Lightning Bolt Fist Tattoo

This tattoo features nothing more than a fist clenching a lightning bolt and is just badass.

Perhaps it is even meant to symbolize Thor, the god of thunder.

Skeleton Lightning Bolt Fist Tattoo

This tattoo also features a fist clenching a lightning bolt, only this time it’s a skeleton hand.

This design is also badass and serves as a reminder of the dangers of electricity.

Lightbulb Skull & Screwdrivers Tattoo

This tattoo plays on the famous skull and cross bones symbol.

Instead of a skull, this tattoo features a lightbulb (with a skull inside of it).

And, instead of bones, this design uses a pair of crossed screwdrivers.

Ornate Lightbulb Tattoo

This elegant design features familiar elements like a hand clutching a lightbulb and mixes them with decorative leaves.

Simple Lightbulb, Fist, & Lightning Bolt Tattoo

This is another design featuring a lightbulb, fist, and lightning bolt.

However, this design depicts these elements in a pleasing, simple style.

Electrical Workers Text Tattoo

Text tattoos are a great way to honour not just your craft, but your electrician brothers and sisters as well.

Detailed Circut Lightning Bolt Tattoo

This design approaches the idea of an electrician’s tattoo a little differently.

By adding modern elements like a circuit board pattern, this stylish lightning bolt is a more subtle way of telling the world you are an electrician.

Wirecutters Tattoo

Tired of losing track of your most important tool? Why not get it tattooed on your skin?

Exploding Electricity Skull Tattoo

This tattoo is simply cool.

Featuring a colourful background, screaming skull, and exploding lightning bolts, this tattoo is sure to turn the heads of your fellow tradesmen.

Can Electricians Have Tattoos?

Many people believe that electricians cannot have tattoos because they need to maintain a professional appearance.

However, there is no hard and fast rule that prohibits electricians from having tattoos.

In fact, many electricians choose to express themselves through body art.

While visible tattoos may not be allowed in some workplaces, they can usually be covered with clothing or long sleeves.

As long as electricians take care to cover their tattoos when working with clients, there is no reason why they can’t enjoy the same body art as anyone else.

While visible tattoos may not be allowed in some workplaces, they can usually be covered with clothing or long sleeves.

Should You Get An Electrician Tattoo?

Whether you just earned your licence or you are a seasoned veteran of the trade, getting some ink can be a great way to honour your chosen profession.

That said, getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, so make sure you are truly dedicated to the electrician life before booking your tattoo appointment.

Final Thoughts

Are you an electrician looking for a new tattoo idea? Check out some of these 12 ideas that are perfect for your profession!

From lightning bolts to tools of the trade, there’s something for everyone here.

Have you found the perfect design yet? If not, be sure to check out our other posts for even more great ideas.